Tools for kids to thrive

Our therapists provide individual and group therapy to best fit your child’s unique needs. Programs focus on affirming self confidence with the opportunity to explore friendship, play skills and managing big feelings in a supportive environment.

Skills for teenagers and young adults

JumpStart Therapy supports teenagers and young adults to develop the ability to navigate the demands of school and stepping into adult life. Individual programs focus on upskilling young people to manage their mental health and the social demands of school, family and transition to work or further education.

Support for parents and carers

We help you to connect more with your

child or young person, to understand the meaning behind their communication through words, actions and behaviour. Gain confidence and skills to respond in an affirming way to support their development.

At JumpStart Therapy we aim to provide a safe place to have difficult and personal conversations. Join our parent support community which offers understanding and resources for the unique challenges of raising young people with developmental differences.


JumpStart Therapy provides diagnostic assessment services for children and young people with developmental differences and mental health issues, such as:

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder



Sleep problems

Sensory processing challenges

Difficulty regulating energy levels

Function living skills capacity

Fussy eating & limited food choices

Difficulty managing feelings

Challenging behaviour

JumpStart Therapy’s Core Values


We focus on our innovative and unique vision to evolve and expand our skills, approaches and techniques. We keep our mind’s open and think outside the box to implement therapies that are individualised, fun and effective.


It is our intention to be a Practice that is both ethical and trustworthy. We endeavour to have sincere and transparent communication within our organisation and in collaboration with families and support networks.


We have learnt the importance of a balance between work, relaxation and self-care.

We actively encourage all of those associated with our organisation to prioritise rest and mindfulness as they juggle the stressful demands of life.


JumpStart Therapy is focused on providing an environment that is stable, reliable and generous of spirit, in order to support children, families, therapists and staff to prosper and thrive together.


We aim to stay open and connected to our learning experience and wisdom, whilst compassionately honouring the journey of each family or individual. Our client’s unique needs inspire our creativity, service and growth.

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